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Argentine Journalist Calls German Team ‘disgusting Nazis’

In his program Radio Continental, Víctor Hugo Morales attempted to take the German celebration and relate it to what brought about the Holocaust, and called them, ‘disgusting Nazis’.

For the Uruguayan-Argentine to even compare one of the largest human-rights violations on planet earth to several guys being exhilarated because they accomplished one of the best feats in Sports is pure idiocy.

It was thinking like these players that led Germany to kill six million people.

With that mental faculty, that superior belief and stupidity.

These players have done very little for Germany, a country that’s trying to erase the image of discrimination, one that thinks it’s a superior race, in the name of which it committed mass murder.

If this is how they celebrate, that means there’s still a part of Germany that’s sick.

Watch the video that caused his upset:

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