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Arjen Robben the Fastest Football Player Ever?


Towards the end of the second half of the Netherlands / Spain game, Arjen Robben sprinted down the sidelines past Sergio Ramos. I had assumed that Ramos was just tired, but apparently it was more about the speed of Robben:

[Arjen Robben] ran at a top speed of 37 kilometers per hour. In comparison Ramos ran “only” 30.6 miles per hour. Convert this to Track & Field and Robben had run the 100 meters in a time of 10.28 seconds.

The old record was 35.7 miles per hour Arsenal striker Theo Walcott. Robben broke his own top speed of 30.6 kilometers per hour, as a right winger for Bayern Munich.

Read More: telegraaf.nl

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  1. Jose De Jesus Pantaleon

    June 16, 2014 at 4:57 am

    Yes! Fuck gareth bale

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