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Arsenal Started off Strong – Here Comes the Crash


Looking at Arsenals last few games in all competitions, you can see that any inertia they once gained has fizzled out:

  • Napoli 2-0 LOSS
  • Everton 1-1 DRAW
  • Hull City 2-0 WIN (Played horrible versus a much lesser team)
  • Cardiff City 3-0 WIN (Didn’t play great with few exceptions versus a lesser team)
  • Marseille 2-0 WIN (Good Result)
  • Southampton 2-0 WIN (Arsenal played bad, Southampton played worse)
  • Manchester United (1-0 LOSS – Out-coached)

I spot the turning point at the Manchester United game.  Up until then, it seemed Arsenal could do no wrong, players were stepping up and you could still feel the excitement of their Mesut Ozil signing.

Looking at these last seven games, I would predict defeats at both Manchester City and Chelsea in the coming weeks, and Arsenal not positioned in first place by the Holiday season.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if they suffer a humiliating loss to Manchester City.

Do you think I am way off base with these predictions?

Update: Exactly what I feared – Man City 6 – Arsenal 3.

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