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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at US Soccer’s Equipment

A great behind the scenes look at all that goes behind the equipment and kits before they are worn on the field by the US mens national team. There is also a great description of the mystery behind how the colors were selected for the first Spain vs Netherlands World Cup game:

Observers around the world took in one of the World Cup’s most exciting matches wondering something that had little to do with the game itself: Why is Spain, usually clad in red, wearing white? And why is the Netherlands, famous for their Orange jerseys, wearing their blue? On the world’s biggest stage, neither team was dressed in the color with which they’ve been identified for decades.

The answer lay in a FIFA meeting held months before the start of the World Cup; one the United States took part in along with all of the 32 participating teams in the tournament. Having solicited pictures of each participating nation’s home and away uniforms (which themselves are agreed upon far in advance), the FIFA competitions department lays out who will wear which look for which game. The emphasis, increasingly, is on completely non-ambiguous color clashing.

Read More: ussoccer.com

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