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Chilean Striker Pinella Gets Tattoo of Missed Shot on His Back

Chile striker Mauricio Pinilla has tattooed his last-second World Cup goal attempt that clanged off the bar in their round of 16 defeat by Brazil.

While the Brazilian fans in the stadium let out a huge sigh of relief, the ball scorched into the woodwork and bounced one third of the way back down field.

Pinella was ‘One centimetre from glory’, but instead the game finished minutes later and later went to the shootout conclusion with Brazil getting the edge.

Here are some of the more humorous comments from reddit about his tattoo:

  • I think he misunderstood his coach when he said, “put this behind you” -afraj
  • “Make sure you don’t forget that moment” -joeblessyou
  • I wonder if he has tattoos of the names of the women he almost slept with. -MacLeodDaddy
  • He will forever carry a heavy burden on his back. -TheBlueNomad
  • Does he also tattoo the missed PK? -huazzy


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