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David Beckham: MLS Miami Owner


David Beckham announced that he is exercising his option to purchase an MLS franchise expansion team in Miami.

A clause in his original MLS contract he signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy gave him a right to an expansion team at a discount fee of just $25 million. This is a significant savings to the $100 million New York City FC had to pay last year for their expansion.

His next step is to build a stadium.

“People like to walk to football. I’ve seen what it is like in Seattle,” he said. “We can’t build a stadium in six months, but once we have a site, once we work with the mayor and the commissioners of Miami, we will be pretty quick.”

The stadium plan that has gained the most attention is a bid to lease a parcel of county-owned land in the Port of Miami.

The proposed site is close to the Miami Heat’s basketball arena and Miami Beach hotel district, but county commissioners have encouraged MLS to consider other sites away from the busy port.

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