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France Claim Drone Was Spying On World Cup Team


In this new personal unmanned arial controlled age, I can imagine this will be happening more and more…but this is the first story I have seen about this happening at the World Cup level:

Didier Deschamps has expressed concerns that France’s preparations for Sunday’s opening game against Honduras have been compromised by a possible spying mission after a drone hovered over their training camp in Brazil.

The France manager said that Fifa was carrying out an investigation into the bizarre incident, which took place during a training session at the team’s base in Ribeirão Preto before their departure for Porto Alegre.

It is unclear at this stage who was behind the stunt, although Deschamps was clearly less than impressed, unlike a number of the French players, who are believed to have reacted with amusement when the drone – a small unmanned flying machine more commonly used to spy on military targets – hovered above.

Read More: theguardian.com

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