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Germany Building their own World Cup Training Complex in Brazil


In a quest for their fourth World Cup title, the Germans are determined to have the most ideal preparations of any foreign team in Brazil. Since all of Germany’s games take place on the north-east coast of Brazil, the national team is sparing no expense in building their own complex in Porto Seguro.

The Guardian reports

“We saw at the previous World Cup in 2010 that short distances between team headquarters, training pitches and media centre are crucial for everyone involved,” the team manager Oliver Bierhoff said.

The “Campo Bahia”, as their headquarters will be known, consists of 65 rooms still under construction with a what the DFB said was a “village atmosphere” and well away from the crowded metropolitan areas of Sao Paolo and Rio. It is to be completed by March.

The German camp is only 45 minutes from the nearest airport, from where they can fly to each of their group games in under two hours.

“It was important for us to minimise any travel fatigue because of the size of the country and the great distances between cities,” said Olivier Bierhoff.

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