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Golden Glove and Ball Finalists Announced – No Tim Howard

Even with the World Cup record performance of 15 saves, it wasn’t good enough for Tim Howard to be nominated for the Golden Glove award. Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa, who also had a stellar tournament, was also overlooked.

In the end, it doesn’t much matter as it will go to Neuer unless something dramatic happens during the Finals.

Here are the three finalists – all from teams that qualified into the quarter-finals:

Golden Glove

  • Keylor Navas, Costa Rica
  • Manuel Neuer, Germany
  • Sergio Romero, Argentina

And here are the finalists for the best player:

Golden Ball

  • Angel Di Maria, Argentina
  • Javier Mascherano, Argentina
  • Lionel Messi, Argentina
  • Mats Hummels, Germany
  • Toni Kroos, Germany
  • Philipp Lahm, Germany
  • Thomas Mueller, Germany
  • Neymar, Brazil
  • Arjen Robben, Netherlands
  • James Rodriguez, Colombia

I am not sure if Di Maria has done enough to warrant being on this list.

My top three are Mueller, Robben, Messi; in that order.

What do you think?

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