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Javier Mascherano Propels Argentina to Finals

When you dissect the Argentina / Netherlands game, one name keep standing out: Javier Mascherano. He offered more creativity than any other midfielder, and played intelligent balls into their defensive 3. But even more important, made some key stops in defense that kept Argentina in the game. He was the man-of-the-match by a large margin.

Heatmap: A Textbook Defensive Midfielder

Match Saving Tackle on Robben

The best opportunity for the Dutch came to Robben, who was denied by a magnificent sliding tackle from Mascherano, covering behind his centre-backs in a last-ditch effort.


All the while, he was playing with a concussion!

If Mascherano didn’t get fully knocked out by slamming heads with Georginio Wijnaldum, he came awfully close. If the Dutch player wouldn’t of seen him stumbling and guided him to the ground, it could of been much worse. Check out the collision and the subsequent stumbling:

And stumbling to the ground:

How he was allowed to continue is baffling, but thanks to the questionable medical ethics, Argentina is moving on to the finals.

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  1. Michael Loumeau

    July 10, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    Yes, he was amazing, for sure.

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