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Learn the Rules of Soccer

Share the rules of soccer with all your un-soccer friends using the Minnesota United FC team. They break the basics down in a humorous and simple way:

with your friends!

If you have friends that are big football or basketball fans, then you should have them read this article from Grantland. It is fantastically thorough – so complete you may pick up something yourself.

“…you know way more about soccer than you realize. All those sports you already follow — your football, your basketball, your baseball, all those things you already debate, and fight over, and spend hours reading about when you’re technically supposed to be working — apply to soccer as well. You can already speak the language of soccer nerd-dom, you just need to learn the dialect: the lineup formations, field spacing, shot selection, tactical chess moves, one-on-one battles, even analytics. They’re all there. You just need to know where to look.

And so, with this summer’s World Cup just around the corner, it’s time for you to find out just how much you already know about how soccer is played.

The article winds through lineups, player roles and positions with video examples, and other little intricacies.

Even if you don’t wish to share this with your close friends, the article will make you much more educated about what you should be telling them.

Help your friends and


Read More: grantland.com

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