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Liverpool and Manchester United Final in Champions Cup

Liverpool and Manchester United face each other tonight in the International Champions Cup after winning their respective groups.

Manchester United already beat Real Madrid and are looking forward to proving to Liverpool and the league that they are fighting for the title.

Although technically a friendly, neither side sees it that way.

The Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has called the fixture “arguably the biggest game in the world” while the Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher called it “a big deal”.

“It’s more than football. It’s life. It is two cities, not very far apart, but historically they have always been huge rivals,” said Rodgers. “It’s arguably the biggest game in the world and for it to be here in the United States is wonderful for the supporters and the organisers. They are the two biggest clubs in Britain and two of the biggest in the world so it will be a fantastic game and we are looking forward to it.

“Not many of these games are friendly. You saw the Manchester City game was competitive. Top players see every game as a competition. There are never too many friendlies playing for Liverpool.”

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