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Man Arrested Trying to Board England Teams Airplane

The only way that could work is if you didn’t catch the eye of any footballers. And are all the clothes easy to get? That tie looked identical?

“Funny man Lee Nelson was spotted blending in with Roy Hodgson’s team as they waited in a private hanger at Luton Airport, brushing shoulders with Joe Hart and Frank Lampard.

Lee, whose real name is Simon Brodkin, was reportedly trying to pass himself off as footballer Jason Bent, a character from his BBC Three series Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People.

But as Steven Gerrard raises an eyebrow at undercover funny man Lee Nelson, kitted out in a convincing England squad suit, it doesn’t take long for security to show him the red card.”

Lee Nelson is a character that Englishman medical doctor turned comedian Simon Brodkin plays. In 2013, he ran onto the pitch during the warm-up to the Everton vs. Manchester City Premier League football match. Also in character, he attempted to warm up with City players, but was instead arrested and then charged with pitch encroachment.

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