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Man U’s Shinji Kagawa and Another International Versus 55 Kids

Watch this crazy video of these two international Japanese stars taking on 55 kids. Shinji Kagawa plays for Manchester United, while Hiroshi Kiyotake plays for the related FC Nürnberg in the German Bundesliga.

You won’t guess what is going to happen, especially if you watched the 3 Olympic fencing master versus 50 video that was posted earlier this year.

This video was posted to a page that allowed commentators to share their own experience playing against pro athletes. The anecdotes show how far above the average person they really are:

Back in the 1980s a friend was watching a pickup basketball game in Boston and reported what happened when a player from the Celtics showed up. He was so much faster, more athletic, and more agile than the other players that it seemed like he was playing a different sport.

Back in the olden thymes I was a pretty good baseball player. Early in my high school career I got the chance to catch a AAA pitcher. I went into thinking I would have no trouble. The first pitch was on top of me so fast I was knocked off balance. It took a bunch of pass balls before I got used to how to handle his breaking stuff.

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