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Mandzukic: Why I’m leaving Bayern

“Lots of things have been said and written about my status, especially before the German Cup final in Berlin. I can tell you that even before that, 8th May I think it was, together with my agent I had a sit down talk with K.H. Rummenige. That time I told him I decided to change clubs and I thought it was the right thing to do to tell them personally so we could together decide what to do.

It is known that I’m not eager to constantly address what the media is writing. I think it was OK from me to tell the club leadership what I decided to do and I told them on time. Bayern was fantastic for me, it’s a fantastic club. Until very very recently I didn’t even consider leaving and especially leaving right away. But let’s be honest, the playstyle that Guardiola likes for Bayern doesn’t really suit me as a player. After the first match against Real in Madrid I definitely figured out that no matter how hard I try in that style of football I can’t show my best. When that is the case, I don’t feel very good and it’s best for everyone to part ways.

Thank you to the club that even offered me a contract extension, thank you to Guardiola who is a great coach and I honestly want everyone the best in the future. Bayern and it’s fans will always be the most beautiful story of my career. Now it’s time for new challenges.”

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Mandzukic likes to be aggressive and direct – which isn’t the passing/ball-at-your-feet style of Guardiola.

So where will he go?

If he doesn’t like Guardiola’s style, surely Barcelona is out of the running.

Bayern has sold many to Italy lately – maybe Inter Milan or Roma?

I’d love to see him an Arsenal, but at 28, I doubt Wenger would want to spend the money on him.

Where do you think he’ll end up?

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