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Manuel Neuer Goalkeeping at 5 years Old…

For anyone with young kids learning the game, show them this video. Watch the best goalkeeper in the world at 5 years old and how good he is. The best is at the end…

Narration translation:

Let’s go back about 2 decades in time – and we see Manuel Neuer in Westerholt (German town). He’s the one on the left with the teddy bear in his arm, with the Schalke-teddy. Even back then he was a goalie. Now take a look (boy scores)… there you go. Btw, we haven’t heard from this striker ever since (crowd laughs). And now there comes the first guy to console him…but doesn’t succeed. Neuer doesn’t want to continue. Someone else needs to console him… And who did he leave behind in the goal? Of course, the Schalke teddy bear.”

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