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QPR to Build 40,000 Capacity Stadium


Despite being relegated from the Premiership, QPR is looking to increase their current 18,000 maximum capacity Loftus Road stadium to one a couople miles down the road.

From the Guardian:

The plan is to develop a stadium at the heart of the regeneration area – about two-and-a-half miles north of Loftus Road – and for this to be the catalyst that will bring about the creation of a residential and commercial area larger than Canary Wharf, ultimately generating 50,000 jobs and 24,000 homes.

Loftus Road Key Facts

Loftus Road was built in 1904, but QPR didn’t move in until 1917. It got its current shape around 1970 when the South Africa Road and Ellerslie Road stands on each side were built bringing the capacity to 35,000. Its capacity was then reduced to what it is now when they converted it to all seats.

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