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Sacha Baron Cohen is a Soccer Hooligan

Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali-G, Borat) is filming his new movie based around the theme of football hooliganism.

The plot is based on a covert agent who is forced to go on the run and join his brother, who happens to be a footballer.

In the spirit of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s previous films, such as “Borat” and “Ali G,” his latest project “Grimsby” is already offending people. Named after an actual northern English town called Grimsby, Cohen plays a local soccer hooligan whose brother is a spy in the film that portrays the town as a rundown cesspool.

“They made Grimsby out to be a terrible and dirty place to live, it’s not… I’ve lived here all my life, it’s an up-and-coming area and I’m not pleased this is the way the world will get their first and maybe only look at Grimsby. This area has a hell of lot going for it and it’s disappointing to see what they have done.”

Scenes with men peeing out of windows, women swigging straight from the beer can, and children being offered alcohol have already been shot.

Check out some images from the set below:





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