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Suarez 4.5 more Years

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez, probably the best striker in the world right now, just extended his contract with Liverpool for 4.5 more years.

Brendan Rodgers said the news is great for the team:

“This is fantastic news for everyone associated with the club; the team, the owners and most importantly the supporters.

“Luis is a world-class talent and securing his services is crucial for what we are trying to achieve here.

“What’s most important and most exciting is that, at just 26 years old, his best years are still ahead of him and we now know we’ll be seeing him reach that potential in a Liverpool shirt.”

This was an important milestone for Rodgers, as there was certain to be some large bids for Suarez in January.

But will this be enough to keep him? What do you think his buyout clause will be?

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