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The Top 10 Luis Suarez Biting Memes

I have been grumpy all day after watching Luis Suarez assault yet another player. It isn’t the incident that is upsetting, but knowing that it caused a good Italy side to lose focus and leave the tournament, and feeling the FIFA will not take the appropriate action.

So to make myself feel better I found the 10 best Luis Suarez biting memes. Enjoy and

with your friends if you like them!

10. This Cartoon

9. Opponent Jersey

8. Hannibal Suarez

7. Jaws 3

6. Dog Collar

5. Suajaws

4. Some guy who bet that Suarez would bite someone and Winning 540 quid:

3. Walking Dead

2. FIFA’s Bite-Line Technology

1. Chiellini Card

One Comment

  1. Nuwahang Rai Rai

    June 25, 2014 at 5:14 am

    Luies swarez body biter

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