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Top 5 World Cup Players

Whoscored.com tallied all the numbers and came up with these 5 players as the best of the tournament. Each player helped their team make it out of their group and minimally into the quarter-finals. It should be noted that goal keepers probably were not considered – as Manuel Neuer was several pundits player of the tournament in addition to the Golden Glove trophy he won.

5. Thomas Müller

Müller played a false 9 some of the time, and played out to the right when Klose was the lone striker. He was always moving and getting involved and a constant threat.

4. Neymar

His World Cup cut short because of injury, Neymar was one of the few bright spots of an individually talented but fractured Brazil team.

3. Arjen Robben

Where as Robin Van Persie disappeared after the first game, Robben kept showing up. He was the reason the Netherlands made it as far as they did, and despite his incessant diving, he was one of the best of the tournament.

2. James Rodríguez

To me, the star of the tournament. His wonder-goal against Uruguay will never be forgotten.

1. Lionel Messi

Like Robben for the Netherlands, Argentina was incredibly dependent on Messi. If Higuaín and Aguero wouldn’t of been shadows of themselves and if Di Maria would of stayed healthy, all of Messi’s hard work might of been adequately rewarded.

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