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USA May Get a Lifeline – Is Ronaldo Injured?

In order for the US to leave the group, it MUST beat Ghana and at least tie Portugal.

With Portugal playing Germany in their first game, Ronaldo will have to play, possibly aggravating his existing injury. Only Portugal staff know how bad it is, but judging from the report below, there seems to be a chance that he won’t play against the US.

With the World Cup looming, the FIFA Ballon d’Or winner as best footballer of last year, had some bad news about his recent aches and pains. Ronaldo has a “muscle injury on the back of his left thigh as well as left-leg patellar tendinitis,” the Portuguese Football Association said in a report on his medical issues and those of stars Raul Meireles, Pepe and Beto.

While Portugal have previously discussed superstar Ronaldo’s thigh injury -sustained late in the season – it was the first time they reported patellar tendinitis.

Read More: fifa.com

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