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Where do all the Used 3,240 Balls Go After The World Cup?


This is a question I have often wondered, but assumed I would never find an answer to. Lucky for me Jonathan Wilson at theguardian.com found out where all the brazuca balls end up:

In total 3,240 balls were used throughout the tournament, 20 for each match – all printed with match day personalisation (teams, date and venue) and each team were also given 20 training balls on arrival at their training camp in Brazil.

So where do they go? We went straight to the horse’s mouth. “The balls are used after a tournament for souvenirs for the teams and referees, host cities, Fifa partners and the Fifa museum,” a Fifa spokesperson told us.

Specifically Adidas, manufacturer of the ball, say: “For this World Cup we opted for all used match balls from the games to be given to the marketing teams in those countries involved in that particular game. However, not all markets opted to take up this option.

“Each local market team is then encouraged to run a giveaway through social media to allow fans the chance to win the balls.”

So it seems “Fifa partners” and the marketing departments of various FAs get their hands on the Brazucas, rather than local kids. Don’t act surprised.

Read More: theguardian.com

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