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Van Gaal Is Clear to Spend Over $146 million For the Right Player

Manchester United new manager Louis van Gaal has been told that money is no object to lure the right player to Old Trafford.

Last year Real Madrid broke their own record signing of $137 million for Cristiano Ronaldo when they bought Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur for $146 million.

Van Gaal was told that his spending will not be constrained:

“It’s difficult to deal in hypotheticals based on lots of different things,” Ed Woodward said. “The reality is that we’re not afraid of spending significant amounts of money in the transfer market.”

The club’s executive vice-chairman added: “Whether it’s a record or not doesn’t really resonate with us. What resonates is an elite player that the manager wants who is going to be a star for Manchester United.”

“I stand by what I said – there is no budget. We are in a very strong financial position. We can make big signings. That doesn’t mean we go and throw money around. Louis is the manager. We have a lot of scouting output through the last 12 months, flagging up various things to us. Louis is the one that makes the ultimate decision around who he wants in the squad. I’m not going to force feed him with a player that he hasn’t selected.”

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