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Watch Donovan’s Reaction to Wondolowski’s Last Minute Miss

The 93rd minute is not a friend of the US National Team.

In 2010, Ghana scored against USA in the 93rd minute, and Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne took a pass from Romulu Lukaku to score against the USA also in the 93rd minute.

Because the game went into extra time, Chris Wondolowski ALSO had a 93rd minute chance, but this one was in injury time and would of certainly won the game for the USA.

To make Donovan’s reaction that much more meaningful, remember he was dropped from the national team despite being the striker the US has ever produced, to make way for guys like Wondo.

Watch Donovan’s reaction below:

You can watch two video’s Chris Wondolowski’s brutal miss below (shows both angles):

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And from another view:


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