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Watch Both of Jozy Altidor’s Goals vs Nigera

Every USA soccer fan was watching this game hoping and preying for Jozy Altidor to break the goal-less streak he has been on for some time. His first few touches of the game lacked of confidence, but then this happened:

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After his first goal, his touches immediately improved. Full of confidence, he looked great on the ball. Strong, and decisive, he then did this:

Yes, Nigeria was terrible. But I really hope it was more that we are currently at our peak than Nigeria were at their worst.

“It felt fine,” Altidore said, choosing team over individual accolades. “The biggest thing was for us to work out some things that we weren’t sure about, trying some different things today.” Altidore wouldn’t take the bait when ESPN asked whether he felt any relief by scoring twice, instead opting to credit his teammates and the work they’ve collectively put in.

“I felt fine before, I feel fine now,” he added, despite notching his first two national team goals since last October.

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  1. William P. Mescher

    June 11, 2014 at 9:20 pm


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