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The World Cup of Arm-Folding

At the beginning of each game, the networks introduce the players and have them fold their arms. This has shown a vast degree of different arm-folds – some more successful than others.

Slate took these short introductions and wrote a hilarious article called the “World Cup of Arm-Folding” in which they review the different styles and shows us the best and worst:

It turns out that’s surprisingly hard to ace on your first (and, presumably, only) try. Hundreds upon hundreds of millions of television viewers have watched players from all 32 teams botch this seemingly simple technique in the lineup presentations before each World Cup match. Nailing that turn and arm-fold is crucial, though: It’s the difference between looking like an ordinary, nice dude (like Japan’s Atsuto Uchida) and an unlucky guy caught posing for his mug shot (like the United States’ Kyle Beckerman).


You don’t want to turn too far, like Ghana’s John Boye, or not turn at all, like the United States’ DaMarcus Beasley.


And how quickly should you fold your arms? Too fast, like Algeria’s Rais Mbolhi? Too slow, like Nigeria’s Ogenyi Onazi? Or way too slow, like Cameroon’s Aurélien Chedjou?


In they end, Slate shows us the best arm-folders, and Arjen Robben was the runner-up:


To read the full article, and see the best arm folder, click the link below.

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Read More: slate.com

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