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This poster is a huge 7000 x 5000 – so you can blow it up for your wall. I decided to spend just a few dollars and have it laminated from the local Fedex/Kinkos since my kids would probably trash anything bigger.

world-cup-hodorHodor holding up my laminated print

If you are not familiar with Chris Gilleard, then you probably don’t frequent reddit/r/soccer. Chris has been posting his Premier Pixel League graphics every Monday this past season, bringing a little more fun to the start of our week.

Each one features the standout’s from the prior week of English Premier League matches and always with a little flair and humor. It is fantastic what he can convey in just a few pixels, and it brings a smile on my face each time I see a new one.

Enjoy and

this poster with your friends!

Right click here to download the full size poster

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